How To Get Best Driving Tutor At Your Doorsteps

The sad and disturbing truth about driving a car in the city is: “sometimes normal citizens who ignore simple rules can be more dangerous than drunk or aggressive drivers on a road”. That is why even “gentle” and experienced drivers can be banned from driving when they forget about their behaviour on a road. Most people with driving licenses are used to getting to work by car each day, to drive a lot and not use the public transport. It is obvious fro them to use the car on a daily basis. That is why the person who receives the driving ban struggle with multiply difficulties: bigger costs of transport, lower general quality of life. But the road news are severe: people who cause road accidents are often cautious drivers who just forgot rules.
The good news about getting the driving ban: Getting a driving ban is not the end of your driving career! Usually it’s quite possible to overturn the ban or just reduce it. In most cases people can appeal against the ban in their local Court.
What is your goal in this situation? : Shortly after being given the driving bans, you have to immediately fill in a legal appeal. During this time don’t drive without the license, find the trusted lawyer who will be able to help you with the appeal. Also be careful about the time: you will have to fill an appeal in a certain time after the accident. Ask about it your lawyer and act as quick as possible.
Possibility of driving a car during the time of the appeal process: It is possible if only you prove you are in absolute need of driving the car. Courts allow it in specific cases, for example in the case of people who really don’t have an opportunity to work if they don’t use car transport. At Teens world drivers ed, we offer a variety of money saving combination packages to help you get all of the drivers training you need. All of our packages are also available separately, if you prefer. Check out all of our programs and prices below.
Drivers Education Training for All California New Drivers: If you live anywhere in California and need to meet the 30 hour CA DMV drivers ed requirement to get your learners permit, then our Online Drivers School is for you!

  • PLAN A:Online Drivers SchoolOnly $25.95
  • Plan B: Driver’s Ed Classroom Instruction Only $99
  • Plan C:  6 hrs of Behind The Wheel Driver Training Only $ 259.99
  • Plan D:  Simultaneously Enroll in both Driver Ed Class Instruction + 6 hrs Behind The WheelSAVE $19!  Only $299.95
  • Plan E:  Simultaneously Enroll in both Online Driver Education + 6 hrs Behind The WheelOnly $279.9
  • Plan F :  Ages 18 and over 6 hrs Behind the Wheel Training Only $325.00

Our online driver training course is Approved by the CA DMV and it will give you the DMV Certificate you need, PLUS all of the information you need to pass the written DMV drivers license test.  We created our online drivers school to be as convenient and interesting as possible, We have included interactive games and videos to keep you learning while actually enjoying your time on our site. You work at your own pace around your own schedule. If you leave the site, your information and test scores will be saved, so you can log back in anytime and continue with the course.
Course Details: The course is divided into 22 chapters. Log on and off – we track your progress. Pick your own pace. Watch fun and engaging videos and interactive animation. Once you finish each chapter you will have a short quiz to test your knowledge. You must get a mandatory 75% to move to the next chapter. When you pass the quiz you will able to save your score, if you missed too many questions, you will be able to go back and read over the material and retake the online quiz. The computer will grade the tests and you will know immediately if you have passed data entry services online work

Upon successful completion of the online defensive driver education program, we will send the original certificate of completion to you. Your fee for the course includes the entire program and the completion certificate. At that point, you will then be required to complete the 6 hours of behind the wheel driving instruction. If you are within our Behind The Wheel coverage area can provide this behind the wheel driving instruction for a very reasonable fee. See our Driver Training Combination Packages for all of the low cost driving school options.

Here’s How it Works:

  • When you register, you can choose your own password and username and gain access to the online training course.
  • After you log in, the site remembers how far you have gotten in the online driver training, so the next time you log in, you pick up right where you left off. Didn’t pass the course the first time? Don’t worry, re-take the final test until you pass!
  • Once you complete the course, we will send you the DMV certificate of completion form that you need to prove you completed the required defensive driver education program. This certificate, will allow you to take (and PASS!) the DMV written test, so you can start your Behind the Wheel Driving Instruction.
  • The California DMV requires 6 hours of behind the wheel professional driving instruction as a requirement to receive a provisional drivers license for individuals under 17 – 1/2 years of age.
  • Drivers instruction begins once the student obtains the CA DMV Learners Permit. Students spend a minimum of six hours with a licensed driving instructor in a car equipped with dual brakes for safety. To get your Learner’s Permit you must also have enrolled in Classroom Driver Education Training , or you must have completed Online Drivers School.
  • Students are required to take their first lesson with a certified instructor to validate their permit and within six months to complete the additional hours as well as 50 hours of practice driving with their parent or individual over 25 years of age.
  • Once you obtain your learners permit you will then contact our office to schedule your behind the wheel training. We will pick up from your home or school to start your training. These lessons are personalized one-on-one professional driving instruction with DMV-certified instructors. These behind the wheel trainings are scheduled in three two hour sessions.
  • During these sessions, the instructor will be going over the new driver safety training course lessons and teaching the student to become a safe, defensive driver. This driving instruction also includes specific work to prepare you to pass the the final DMV driving road test. We specialize in driving with nervous students and assist them with overcoming any fears to become a safe, confident driver.
  • We offer both male and female instructors to assist you in enhancing your skills whether it is a first time student or a student who needs a brush up lesson. We also provide assistance with car rentals to take to the DMV for the final road test.